A Reminder to the Young in Positions of Leadership

**This is less formal of an article — just something I want to get off my chest in shaa Allah. It’s probably going to be short compared to the other articles I wrote, just had to get this off my chest though. Also, this will help you all get a better understanding of who I am since I will be the author of most of these articles at Your Muslim Bro!  This is a reminder to myself first, before anyone else.**

Ever since I’ve become more  involved in the community, I’ve received the love and the praise that comes with being more involved. It’s things like fame and praise that attract people to pursue these types of roles. Don’t get it twisted – I ain’t getting carried away and saying I finally made it or nothing. But what I want y’all to understand is that there are some REAL, SERIOUS things to consider on when you’re in a position of power in your community.

The main thing one needs to really reflect on is : how is this position affecting my heart? Am I the type to love being in the spotlight? Am I the type to do nothing for the community, but stand in front of the camera looking like I’m doing something? Depending on the answers, one needs to purify their intentions, and perhaps, in extreme cases,  step down and really reevaluate their priorities. You see, back in the time of the Salaf, one didn’t simply seek leadership positions or influence/power — it was the wise and righteous people that sought the leaders out. Rasulullah ﷺ even said that “We do not assign the authority of ruling to those who ask for it, nor to those who are keen to have it (Sahih Bukhari).” Please keep that in mind.

Another thing to reflect on:  you did not get to the position you have single-handedly. Allah ﷻ guided you, family and Masajid raised you, Imams/teachers taught you, and friends encouraged you. It’s not only delusional to think you got to your status on your own, but it is also highly ungrateful and immoral. Humble yourself.

In closing, I just want to clarify to anyone that thinks way too highly of me – I ain’t jack. If the work you see me doing is good, remember that Allah ﷻ is simply shielding my flaws from the public. For He is As-Sattar, the One who curtains our sins. And if you see me doing things wrong: bro, I am human, and I will make mistakes. I pray Allah ﷻ finds me amongst the repentant – Ameen. Also, all the good things that may have seemed to come out of my work – well, they didn’t. As I always try to say, there’s so much behind the scenes work in our communities; those who do it get forgotten and under-appreciated. Whether you’re as big as an imam or as small as an MSA President – you’ve got a team that does things for you and makes all your visions a reality. So keep that in mind, and appreciate them – publicly. May Allah guide us all and keep our intentions pure, and keep us doing what’s right for His sake alone. Ameen ya rabb al alameen.