Shukr (2014)

بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

I am grateful because He gave me gratitude

I am feeling blessed that I can recognize blessings

I am tranquil knowing that if I remember Him

He will remember me, and that’s all that I need to succeed.

Some breathe, or feel a breeze, and some rest in the shade of a tree

Some live in beautiful abodes, some walk in the finest of clothes

Some don’t know how it feels to feel low, so inconveniences ruin their glow

Some don’t care about the price in a store, they got what’s needed, matter of fact they got more.

But despite all that, some choose to ignore, some choose to see but through blindfolds.

Some can see, but choose to have their eyes closed.

So all they see is, nothing.

Walking in the store, but nothing. Resting, watching TV but nothing.

Man I really wish that I was bluffing, because what are two eyes if you see nothing.

Meanwhile the brother in section 8 prays daily, man his world is so crazy

Providing for his wife and 3 babies, but what he sees truly amazes me.

He said, “Society sees me and hold on to their purses, on TV spitting the filthiest of verses. Police beat me till I exit in hearses, where I am from it’s a norm to hear curses.

But my Lord blessed me to see through the surface, He chose me and gave me value when I was perceived worthless. And to Him is my unconditional service, I may not be infallible but I strive to make my efforts perfect.

Cuz He’s undeniably worth it, you hear that young man? My older brother got shot, selling rocks in the wrong block, cuz he got caught up in the wrong for too long.

We’ve been poor for too long, but I became an akh and made bigger moves. Realized that to live for money, you deserve ridicule. Cuz Allah provides you with what you need. And whether you agree, or disbelieve – being rich in this life doesn’t mean that you’ll succeed.

Shaytan never sleeps, he’s awake, and he deceives.

Like what he did to our dear father Adam and our dear mother Eve.

So please, leave with this final note. Love Allah above all. 

We’re all from the earth, we’re all just kin. The best amongst us are those who are conscious.

Al-Muttaqeen. Al-Muhsineen. Al-Mu’mineen. Al-Saliheen.

So before you leave, please remember one thing.

He gave you everything, so don’t you dare forget to bow to your King.





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